The #1 SECRET to Emotional Wellness is understanding the IMPERMANENCE or
TEMPORARINESS of our emotions.

Did you know that emotions ONLY last 7 minutes?

It’s true!

Emotions come and they go. They do NOT stay. What causes our emotions to stick around, and increase our emotional suffering, is our own ADDED-ON thoughts and emotions.

There is enormous POWER in acknowledging that emotions are temporary. You can feel sad, but you know that the sad will pass. You are NOT a sad person.

The beauty is that once you learn how to STOP layering your own thoughts and emotions, your suffering will decrease, and it will be easier to push through situations.

At the same time, there is POWER in knowing that our emotions do NOT define us. Some days are good; others are hard. Some moments are tough, and then it gets better.

We all have emotions. Emotions are good. They communicate important information to us.

Intense emotions can easily overwhelm us and have a powerful impact on our behavior. When we act on our emotions too quickly or act on the wrong kinds of emotions, we often make decisions that we later regret.

Gaining control over your emotions will help you rely on your rational brain more frequently to make informed decisions and better judgments.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, brain scientist, notes that the physiological lifespan of an emotion in the body and brain is a 90-second chemical process that happens in the body. The sensations—adrenalin, heat in the face, tightness in the throat, rapid heartbeat—arise, peak and dissipate on their own. These waves last just 90 seconds. After that, we’re simply re-stimulating our internal circuitry (with our own thoughts) and the person is choosing to stay in that emotional loop.

In my teachings, I use the concept that emotions last up to 7 minutes, and then they’re gone. The beauty is you will come up for air every 7 minutes naturally, on your own, which will give you an opportunity to change the way you feel and reduce your suffering often. The trick is knowing HOW to use the opportunity.

With emotions, the more we try to control them, the more intense they become and the longer they last. When we try to push down, avoid, or control an emotion, it is like trying to grab tightly onto Jell-O. The more you try, the more of a mess it makes.

The SECRET to being happy (and reducing your suffering) is learning how to PUSH THROUGH your emotions quickly and not layer your thoughts or emotions. Experiencing emotions in a healthy way and NOT add on to them is a LEARNED SKILL.

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