The Instant Anxiety Solution

5 Simple Steps to Quiet the Mind & Acheive Calm


An essential resource for every person suffering from anxiety featuring helpful hacks to reduce anxiety, manage emotions more effectively, improve interpersonal relationships and cope with stress.

  • Discover the TRUTH about emotions and WHY they don’t last as long as you think
  • Learn TRICKS that can INSTANTLY snap you out of panic and negative mood
  • Learn the #1 Skill to STOP anxiety in its tracks
  • Learn how to ACTIVATE the calming part of your brain to put the “brakes” on anxiety
  • Learn the KEY technique to STOP anxiety from spiraling out of control

The Instant Anxiety Solution revolves around a 5-step program called A.L.A.R.M. enabling easy, accessible practical skills and techniques for anyone willing to do the work.

Learn the essential steps:

Step #1 – Activate Your Parasympathetic Nervous System
Step #2 – Label “What” You Are Feeling
Step #3 – Acknowledge That Emotions Are Temporary
Step #4 – Remember to AVOID Layering Your Thoughts & Emotions
Step #5 – Move Forward and Take Action

Supportive worksheets and journal elements are included to better help people practice their new skills.

Currently, anxiety is the #1 mental health disorder in the United States, with roughly 40 million people suffering annually and growing rapidly. Sadly, only an estimated 37% receive professional help, largely due to affordability and accessibility issues.

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About the Author

Michelle Biton is an International best-selling author, Wellness Coach, and Health Educator. For the past 20+ years, she has been a leading online expert in health and wellness. Michelle has written for the Encyclopedia of Natural Health and a variety of online and offline publications and has been featured on various television, radio shows, and magazines as a health and fitness expert.

Michelle Biton has my Masters’ Degree in Holistic Nutrition, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Certificate in Kinesiology Health and Fitness Studies. 

My passion is in writing self-help books and empowering people to push through their obstacles to become the best version of themselves. I am a firm believer that we are ALL capable of change. And with a little bit of the RIGHT COACHING, we can ALL learn to push through our challenges, and get to the other side, so we can live our best life. 

Taking charge of your life takes SKILL. We have to learn how to STOP our negative patterns and take charge of our body AND mind.

Once we learn how to do this, the sky is the limit!

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2 reviews for The Instant Anxiety Solution

  1. Nadine Macaluso, PhD. – author of Run Like Hell

    The Instant Anxiety Solution is undoubtedly a book we all need to read. It is like having an anxiety coach in your pocket because Michelle offers valuable information and easy self-help techniques to support you in alleviating your anxiety symptoms.

  2. Beth Hedva, PhD. author of Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness

    The Instant Anxiety Solution is full of practical advice and simple hacks on how to reduce your anxiety level. Readers will undoubtedly gain some helpful insights and ideas to support them (and their loved ones) in improving and attaining personal physical, mental, and emotional health goals. A must-read for anybody wrestling with anxiety.

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